SEO Reports

Pi reports present a wealth of data covering consumer search behaviour, the evolution of SERP features, and search performance across a range of sectors


SEO Reports

Our reports use the data we collect from our Market Intelligence software to keep you up to date with search performance across different sectors, and how consumer behaviour can inform your search strategy.

Market analysis reports can help you to discover emerging trends, and to identify key opportunities within your target market, or even those opening up in new markets.

Pi collects a wealth of current and historical search data which provides valuable insight into the search landscape. It can show the brands with the greatest visibility in certain search markets, it can identify the types of results that are common for different searches, and can highlight areas where brands can improve their SEO strategies.

Using this data, we’ve provided snapshots of key markets – the global automotive market, luxury retail, online banking, e-learning, online retail and more.

Each report looks into search trends over time, the behaviour of consumers within this market, including the most popular search terms and how these have changed over time, before presenting detailed analysis of the SERPs in that sector, and the brands who own the most visibility.

This unique search data allows you to understand key search trends in certain markets, as well as the key players and potential competitors.

These reports also help you to understand the types of content that often perform best in certain markets. For example, the SERPs in some sectors can be more image or video focused, which can indicate the need for a different content strategy.

Recent reports include an analysis of the e-learning search market and its opportunities, as well as a review of the retail market during 2020.

For more valuable analysis and some unique search data, check out our report archive.