Peak Season Review: Christmas & Holiday US


This report offers a comprehensive exploration of Christmas & Holiday trends in the United States, leveraging insights derived from Google search data.

The consumer landscape surrounding Christmas has undergone significant transformations, highlighted by the pivotal online shopping surge in 2021. We are pleased to share the latest findings, having updated our report with the most recent data from 2023. As anticipated, our predictions align with the observed growth in 2023, offering a nuanced understanding of the evolving Christmas & Holiday search dynamics.

For this report, Pi’s Intelligence Unit conducted extensive keyword research, establishing a benchmark dataset for Christmas trends, which provides a comprehensive overview of the US Christmas & Holiday search landscape.

Download the full report now to explore:

  • Trends in searcher behaviour
  • Shifting patterns in Christmas & Holiday demand
  • Search landscape changes

Download the report now to uncover the latest trends and insights from the 2023 peak retail season.

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