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An SEO platform to unlock your organic potential

Combining software, data, and people, Pi helps Content and SEO teams identify the most valuable traffic, improve brand visibility, and boost ROI

An Enterprise SEO platform to unlock your organic search potential

Insight-enabling SEO platform

Identify commercial opportunities and risks with Pi’s performance and opportunity features and get inside the mind of your customers with comprehensive SERP feature tracking, such as People Also Ask.

Fully accessible API integration

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View top-level insights in an instant with enterprise SEO

View top-level insights in an instant

See performance metrics and visualise commercial opportunities against your entire market with Pi’s Performance Dashboard.

  • Report on your organic market share
  • Identify high-value cannibalisation
  • Explore opportunities for commercial growth

Benchmark your performance against competitors with global seo platform

Benchmark your performance against competitors

View commercial value, competition quality and share of market all within our enterprise SEO platform.

  • Track your estimated revenue performance
  • Understand when organic traffic peaks or declines
  • Use Share of Voice Leaders to keep track of how you perform vs. your competitors


Ben L

Global Head of Marketing

"Great Tool with Amazing Service"

5 stars

What do you like best about Pi Datametrics?

The in-depth features allow for a well-rounded analysis to be carried out in the most important marketing channel of all (SEO). The team are always on hand to ensure all data is used to maximum effect. The ability to look into the wider landscape is a fantastic addition, meaning we're able to see when our competitors are gaining pace, or letting some areas slip.

Use SEO platform to prioritise your efforts for fast growth

Prioritise your efforts for fast growth

Plan and prioritise with confidence using Pi’s Search Volume and Estimated Revenue Opportunity data.

  • Identify and prioritise the most valuable search categories and terms
  • Understand which search trends will generate the highest commercial returns throughout the year

Get inside the mind of the searcher with People Also Ask Explorer

Get inside the mind of the searcher

Dissect the data behind SERP features and uncover new opportunities to shape a winning content strategy.

  • Understand search intent using Pi’s comprehensive SERP tracking tools
  • Know how your customers want to consume content online and optimise for SERP features accordingly


Brad W

SEO & Content Manager

"Powerful SEO & Market Insights"

5 stars

What do you like best about Pi Datametrics?

The Pi platform gives me a 360 view of the SEO landscape and helps me get into the mind of the customer and review the SERPs. Setting up weekly reports that allow me to track internal conflict has allowed me to perform contextual optimisation, which has led to fantastic results and improved the content ecosystem.

Quickly explore any industry with Pi's enterprise SEO platform

Quickly explore any industry

Delve deeper into different business categories across multiple markets to expand and empower your SEO strategy.

  • Expand your search terms using Pi’s data discovery tools
  • Understand your site’s link profile, as well as your competitors’ using Pi’s Backlink Analysis tool

Prove the value of SEO

Prove the value of SEO

Translating the value of organic search can be challenging. Pi’s intelligence and reporting does all the heavy lifting for you.

  • Start meaningful conversations and focus on the metrics that matter most to your stakeholders
  • Build tactics, manage workflow and quickly share actionable insights across departments


Louise M

Head of SEO & Insights

"Favourite search intelligence platform"

4.5 stars

What do you like best about Pi Datametrics?

The Market Intelligence reports are compelling as they speak the language of SEOs and C-suites alike. I'm also a big fan of the Vault, which allows you query search visibility rankings within specific online marketplaces in just a few clicks of the mouse.

A bespoke and scalable enterprise SEO platform

Our enterprise-level SEO Platform gives complete clarity to your digital performance, with the biggest scope of data on the market – built to facilitate operational empowerment and serve your specific business needs. Pi’s SEO Platform is a full-featured, one-stop platform that enables you to optimise your content, mitigate risk and report your wins.

Discover untapped SEO opportunities
Insight-enabling SEO platform

Why do you need an SEO Platform?

Pi’s SEO platform wins customers over time and time again due to its superior data, enterprise level features, and second-to-none customer support. No other SEO platform offers the frequency, depth, and breadth of data we do, enabling you to knock your competitors out of those top spots in the SERPs.