Black Friday Marketing Report

In this report, we explore the importance of search data in creating a Black Friday retail strategy.

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Black Friday Marketing Report

To some Black Friday is ‘Competitiveness gone crazy’, with big budgets being spent on discount messaging, and product margins taking hits left, right and centre.

But, there are still many smart, tactical wins that can be had over this period; ones that can protect your margins, and give you significant advantage over your competitors.

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In our Black Friday marketing report you’ll discover:

  • How to plan a successful Black Friday strategy using the Plan, Influence, Peak, Repeat (PIPR) formula
  • The top performers for ‘Black Friday’ searches on the day, and what they had in common
  • The top performers for brand searches in 2018
  • The top electrical products last Black Friday
  • The most intelligent pricing strategies on Black Friday
  • How Black Friday played out live in the SERPs, and who owned rich snippets on page one of Google
  • The hottest topics around Black Friday 2018, according to Brandwatch social data

All of the data featured in this strategy report is taken from Pi Market Intelligence.

Laura Fowler


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As a result of Pi reports, we created a targeted landing page and less than an hour after publishing, it’s already bringing in massive amounts of traffic

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