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Louise M

Head of SEO

"Favourite search intelligence platform"

4.5 stars

To top it off, the team behind Pi are fantastic: fun, energetic and committed to knowledge-sharing and actionable thought leadership.

What is SEO in the Shed?

Insights you’ll want to stick up on your fridge!

Jon Earnshaw shares his musings, insights and takeaways with you from the comfort of his garden shed, no less! Soak up some of his wisdom and subscribe to our mailing list for his latest studies, articles, talks, webinars and charts.

Who is Jon Earnshaw?

Jon Earnshaw is Chief Product Evangelist at Pi Datametrics.

Jon Earnshaw brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘SEO Expert’. From teaching the digital thought leaders of tomorrow as a lecturer at The University of Hertfordshire and dominating the main stage at Brighton SEO to supporting the SEO strategies of major global brands, it’s safe to say Jon knows his stuff when it comes to search.