Travel trends during lockdown

Throughout this report, we explore how the pandemic has affected the travel industry in search.

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Travel trends during lockdown

Whilst no industry has escaped the pandemic unscathed, the travel market felt the effects the most. But is confidence in travel now building?

Taking learnings from search insight – which shows unequivocally what your customers are thinking – is critical when preparing for any new developments.

It’s more important now than ever to keep an eye on the trajectory of search demand. Whether restrictions are lifted or reinstated, optimising for search will give you the edge over your competitors in time for when customers do begin to research and purchase again.

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How has the pandemic affected the travel industry?

Throughout this travel trends report, we explore the extent to which the travel industry has been affected in search. Focusing on searchers’ growing desire to book getaways, we deep-dive into ‘Holiday’ searches.

In our travel trends report you’ll discover:

      • Current consumer interest in travel
      • The top growing holiday destinations
      • Who the top players are in the travel industry
      • What we asked about the most searched holiday terms

All of the data featured in this search demand report is taken from Pi Platform and Pi Market Intelligence.

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