Uncover the Market Leaders in your industry

Showcasing the top performing brands across millions of consumer searches and competitors, our Market Leaderboards offer you a 360-degree view of the search landscape.


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What do you like best about Pi Datametrics?

The leaderboards to assess ourselves against competitors and see how we could improve certain sections they are surpassing on.

Pi Market Leaders

What are Pi’s Market Leaders?

Using data from millions of transactional consumer searches, our leaderboards show the best-performing brands in SEO.

Our leaderboard Share of Voice is determined not just by classic links, but also organic features, giving you a 360-degree view of the online landscape.

With Pi’s Market Leaders data, you can keep score of how you’re performing organically and gain an insight into who your true competitors are to inform your SEO strategy.

What data features in our Market Leaderboards and Reports?

Share of voice explained
Our share of voice measure has been created by data scientists to measure performance specifically on organic search.

Pi’s Share of Voice measures the commercial value of Search Terms within a category, using market trend data and the top sites for each Search Term. This means we can determine which sites are deriving the most value from organic search.

Organic Value Score explained
Developed by data scientists, our proprietary Organic Value Score determines a search term’s commercial value and potential to convert.

When determining the value of a search term, OVS takes all forms of market data and conversion metrics into account (including search volume, cost-per-click, and competition in the market). This means we can accurately attribute value to search categories and determine the most commercially valuable categories and trends.