Eco conscious consumer trends

Throughout this eco conscious trends report, we explore the growth in demand for sustainable products across sectors where the trend is most prevalent, and analyse the SERPs to discover how businesses can position themselves to best capitalise on this new opportunity.

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Eco conscious consumer

It’s hard to remember a pre-pandemic world, now that the global economic landscape has completely changed.

However, there was a trend sweeping the globe prior to Covid -19, which left few industries untouched: Sustainability and eco conscious consuming.

When things do eventually return to normality, it’s unlikely that this trend will abate; if anything, consumers will be more conscious with their consumption.

Preparing and developing authentic, eco conscious strategies during this relative downtime is key.

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Eco conscious consumer trends

Throughout the report we highlight the biggest growing eco trends in Food & Drink, Retail, Automotive and Travel.

In our Eco conscious consumer trends report you’ll discover:

  • ‘Greggs vegan sausage roll’ was the biggest growing vegan product term.
  • ‘Alternative to single use’ terms have grown 137% YoY.
  • ‘E-Scooters’ terms shot up in search volume in 2019, growing 215%.
  • How to use search data to become an eco conscious business.

All of the data featured in this eco conscious report is taken from Pi Platform and Pi Market Intelligence.

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