SEO in the shed

SEO tips and insights from Jon Earnshaw and occasional guests


SEO in the Shed

To help you keep up with search news and trends, best practices, and learn from some of the brightest minds in search, check out our SEO in the Shed video services, presented by Jon Earnshaw.

Jon is Chief Product Evangelist at Pi, is an SEO expert, a lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, and a regular speaker at search marketing conferences such as Brighton SEO.

Speaking from his hi-tech garden shed, Jon presents regular video updates into search trends, Google algorithm updates, and best practices for improving your search visibility and increasing website traffic.

His presentations help you to use Pi’s tools for maximum effect – how to use different features, the kinds of insights you can uncover, and how to use data to improve your company’s search strategy.

Jon often brings in SEO experts to speak about their experiences in search, and to present insight into their specific areas of expertise. Recently, we’ve spoken to Dixon Jones about using internal linking to improve search performance, to Lily Ray on E-A-T and how it affects search strategy, and Jono Alderson on using Schema and structured data to take advantage of search features.

Jon’s SEO in the Shed videos are available on the Pi Datametrics blog, as well as our YouTube channel.