What role should EAT play in your strategy?

In this week’s episode Jon Earnshaw & Lily Ray, SEO Director at Path Interactive, discuss Google’s E-A-T guidelines.

Standing for ‘Expertise’, ‘Authoritativeness’ and ‘Trustworthiness’, these are Google’s official recommendations for delivering a quality experience online.

With every new Core update, E-A-T is becoming increasingly important; to the extent that, as SEOs, we are gradually moving away from traditional optimisation tactics, and towards an holistic audit of our overall online experience.

We need to ensure we are clearly communicating our credibility to Google via everything that exists about us online; from our owned content, to off-page mentions, to reviews and so on.

And, just as importantly, we need to be constantly curating our digital ecosystem to enable Google to elevate our brand based on its understood relationships with other authoritative sources.

Now is undoubtedly the time to be analysing our performance and search data through the lens of E-A-T.