Tactics for monitoring performance in a feature rich landscape

In this week’s episode Jon Earnshaw & Daniel Foley, SEO Consultant and Founder at Assertive, discuss tactics for monitoring your performance in a feature rich landscape.

How important are SERP features for your business? Whilst it may depend on your industry, figuring out which features are valuable to you is so important for your visibility, and ultimately click-through rate.

But how can you measure your performance in the feature rich landscape? Your approach has to be multi-level, beginning with overall Share of Voice, then looking at individual keywords and pages.

We’ll also be announcing our conclusive findings regarding the rumour of a Google Algorithm update last week.

Find out more, including:

  • How much importance should you place on SERP features?
  • Measuring feature impact on the overall landscape
  • The best ways to accurately monitor and report on your feature performance
  • Maximising the opportunity features present