[On demand] Pi’s Product Demo Series: SERP Features


See the power of Pi during a live product walkthrough with our Solutions Experts. Covering a range of topics, features, tools, and use cases, you’ll see how Pi can help solve your SEO challenges!

In each session, you’ll also get a sneak peek into what’s coming next – what new tools and features we’re busy working on and what we’re doing to solve our customers’ challenges.

In the first instalment of our Product Demo Series, John Barker, Head of Solutions, will guide you through an exciting showcase of our cutting-edge SERP Feature tools:

  • Explore Pi’s capabilities for monitoring the search landscape, both with and without SERP Features
  • Utilise SERP Radar and SERP Matrix to identify the most prominent SERP Features and assess your performance within them
  • Delve into the analysis of People Also Ask data to gain deeper insights into your audience’s search intent and uncover opportunities for creating intent-led content
  • Get an exclusive peek into our beta Feature Explorer SERP Tool