Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence enables you to visualise commercial opportunity and potential against the backdrop of your entire market.

Market Intelligence

Utilise market intelligence data to understand your current and target audiences more effectively and inform strategy across all areas of the business.

Pi’s Market intelligence platform enables you to analyse your target markets in detail, make decisions, and track performance.

Market intelligence tools help you to collect and analyse the data you need to identify your position in the market, identify potential opportunities, and focus your efforts where they will make the most impact.

Market intelligence can help in a number of ways:

  • Understand the size of your market. Historical data can help you to identify the size of the search market you’re targeting, from trends in search demand to the most popular search terms.
  • Identify new opportunities. Market intelligence data can help identify areas for improvement, such as content sitting on page two, the market value, or new markets where you can gain greater search visibility.
  • Identify and learn from competitors. Search intelligence data allows you to identify sites that compete for your target search terms. This may highlight expected rivals or new competitors you hadn’t been aware of. Using this information you can analyse and find ways to outperform your rivals.
  • Inform strategy across every business department. Intelligence on market share and opportunities is valuable across every business area, not just SEO teams. Detailed market intelligence can help everyone from PR and content to M&A teams.
  • Find opportunities in new markets. If you’re looking to expand into new search markets, perhaps internationally, market intelligence allows you to assess the opportunities in new markets.
  • Plan and track campaign performance. Data on search trends can help to direct strategy by identifying valuable search categories to target. You can also track to see the impact your campaigns had on search performance.

What is market intelligence research?
Market Intelligence research refers to the process of collecting and analysing data at scale, to make more valuable business decisions. This data can come from your market, industry, competitors or customers, and can take many different forms; from share of voice to consumer behaviour trends.

Why do we need market intelligence?
Market intelligence enables you to get to grips with your audience’s core needs, to inform strategy in every department across the business – from Product to Merchandising. By revealing new opportunities, competitor strategy and consumer behaviour trends, you’ll know what to focus your strategy on, and when to activate it.