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The importance of viewing the top 100 positions in Google

15 Aug 2018

Why see the top 20, when you can see the top 100?

Unlike other search platforms, our SEO Platform shows you the top 100 search results, every day, for each individual search terms.

With 30 days in an average month, that means you can track 3,000 competitors for every single one of your searches. This is also accessible via the API.

What are the benefits of the top 100?

Seeing the top 100 daily not only allows you to follow individual page performance to ensure your site performs well against other sites, but also that your own content is complementary and doesn’t cause conflict with existing content.

If you could only see the top 20 positions, or the top two pages in your search engine of choice, not only can you not see where you are ranking, you can't dive into the 'Why' i.e. Are you unable to rank due to internal cannibalisation? Has someone stolen your content and your ranking? Is a sister site, owned by a parent company, usurping you due to similar theming and semantic relationships? Or is your page simply under-optimised for that term?:

Top 20 positions

Whereas with the top 100, you can see a clearer picture:

Top 100 results

This broader picture allows you to:

  • Identify conflict -Cannibalisation happens when you have two or more pages with conflicting content, each performing for the same term. These pages end up competing for dominance in Google and can ultimately stop your site from reaching the top results. What’s more, a fair amount of this flux occurs in the lower pages of google, so a broader view is essential for seeing if your site is conflicting internally or if related sites are pulling your content down. If that happens for some of your most valuable searches, it can translate as a lot of missed opportunity and revenue.
  • See your competitors - we’ll show you the top 100 sites returning for a keyword, so you can see who your competitors are and spot opportunities to replicate their success.
  • Track daily - Crisis-averting, daily SEO data means you're able react instantly to performance issues, and avoid downtime. Daily tracking is also the foundation for building a future proof business strategy, as the granularity of the data makes for larger scale market share snapshots and industry trends.
  • Spot industry updates - identify emerging trends and reveal any effects an algorithm update may have on your performance

Seeing the top 100 provides you with an accurate picture of positions for any keyword, so you can get a complete understanding of your market. No more guesswork!

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