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Pi Datametrics Unveils Powerful Technical SEO Widget Powered By Lumar

02 Apr 2024|4 MIN READ

Pi Datametrics and Lumar are pleased to announce the launch of a powerful new technical SEO widget seamlessly integrated within the Pi Datametrics dashboard. This innovative solution merges the strengths of both platforms, offering a centralized location for SEOs to drive holistic SEO by identifying and addressing critical website issues while simultaneously leveraging valuable strategic insights.

By combining Lumar's Website Health Score with Pi Datametrics' data-driven Value Performance Data, including Share of Voice Leaders and Estimated Revenue Opportunity, this integration allows SEOs to bridge the gap between technical performance and strategic decision-making. This represents an opportunity for SEO teams to unify their technical performance and strategic decision-making, allowing for the delivery of data-driven optimization strategies that drive organic visibility and increase market share.

“The new platform integration adds a new layer of technical intelligence to the wealth of value-led competitive and market-led insights that Pi Datametrics already provide.” - Dan Titterton, CEO of Pi Datametrics

The Solution

By securely connecting their Lumar account with Pi Datametrics, customers can now conveniently access top-line technical health data in one application, allowing them to build a better understanding of the relationship between organic SERP performance and technical performance.

Technical information from Lumar is displayed inside a dashboard widget, which includes an overall Site Health Score (out of 100) calculated based on sub-scores for specific areas of your website’s technical health including the availability, indexability, discoverability and rankability of pages, uniqueness of content, and the user experience. Data visualizations track these scores over time, making progress easy to identify. The overall Site Health Score is also displayed against an industry benchmark so you can see how you stack up against your competitors.

For a more detailed technical website analysis, joint customers can click through to the full Lumar platform to see the number of errors in each subcategory, making it easy to identify key areas for technical investigation.

Lumar crawls your site automatically, updating your Pi dashboard with the latest technical SEO health score in real-time. This enables the quick identification of technical performance issues straight from the Pi dashboard, allowing you to quickly identify and address technical issues before they impact lagging indicators like revenue.

By unifying data sources, we’re bridging the gap between technical SEO, search intelligence, and organic visibility, empowering you to fix technical issues, identify new growth opportunities and gain organic SERP visibility, faster.

About Lumar

Lumar provides a leading website intelligence platform which serves as a cloud-based command centre for digital teams seeking to improve their website's technical health and organic search performance. Founded in 2010, Lumar has grown from a technical SEO solution to a full enterprise-scale website intelligence platform with a global client base, powered by the company's proprietary website crawling technology.

Ready to integrate?

Pi Datametrics customers can now integrate with Lumar at a concessionary price. Contact your Customer Success Manager for details. 

Already a joint Pi Datametrics and Lumar customer? Visit our help pages to learn how to integrate with Lumar and how to add the widget to your Pi Datametrics dashboard.

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