YouTube blocks UK Music Videos

youtube-logo1After failing to reach an agreement with the PRS YouTube is blocking all premium music videos to UK users making tens of thousands of videos unavailable to YouTube users from later on Monday.

Though a YouTube director has said this was regrettable, the PRS’s (Performing Rights Society) head was “outraged… shocked and disappointed” by YouTube’s decision and asked it to reconsider its decision as a “matter of urgency”…

Some recent videos have been watched 10s of millions of times. It is a place for artists to promote their tunes and for us to view them whenever we like. – But it has come down to pricing for our UK artists and viewing pleasure.

At the time of writing, a quick search showed that Cold Play had been taken down but all the other you see here (plus many early 90s bands that i searched first – but then realised that no-one really cared about them) were still up – maybe they had forgotten to get round to them?

The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings

Why has YouTube Blocked Music videos?

In a statement, Mr Porter said the move “punishes British consumers and the songwriters whose interests we protect and represent”.

As reported by the BBC, the body, which represents music publishers, added: “Google has told us they are taking this step because they wish to pay significantly less than at present to the writers of the music on which their service relies, despite the massive increase in YouTube viewing.
It seems the PRS was not getting the fees it asked for from the multi-billion dolar company owned by Google.

Mr Walker told BBC News the PRS was seeking a rise in fees “many, many factors” higher than the previous agreement.

Videos Bloked

Videos will begin to be blocked from 1800 GMT with the majority of them made inaccessible over the next two days.

YouTube pays a licence to the PRS which covers the streaming of music videos from three of the four major music labels and many independent labels.

While deals with individual record labels cover the use of the visual element and sound recording in a music video, firms that

wduffy-youtubeant to stream online also have to have a separate deal with music publishers which covers the music and lyrics.

YouTube stressed that it continued to have “strong partnerships” with three of the four largest record labels in the world.

Mr Walker of the PRS said they were asking for a “prohibitive” rise in the cost of a new license.

While not specifying the rate the PRS was seeking, he said: “It has to be a rate than can drive a business model. We are in the business for the long run and we want to drive the use of online video.

“The rate they are applying would mean we would lose significant amounts of money on every stream of a music video. It is not a reasonable rate to ask.”

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