Yahoo! Football news fail

One thing that really bugs me when it comes to search engines is the localisation of the search results. I’ve mentioned this before in the Bing Algorithm Update post that also discussed Google’s inability to acknowledge that I am searching from a UK IP for the keyword “South Bank Restaurants”. Although Yahoo! will soon be using Bing’s search platform in the future (in the UK), I still think that they should be able to return results catered for the audience in question, don’t you think?

I am a bit of a football nut and use the Internet to find out the latest news in and around my club and to locate interesting articles about world football. However, Yahoo! UK believe that I would appreciate finding out news on American Football teams, rather than any English Football Teams:

Yahoo Football News

To make matters worse, and I don’t mean to spread more “Wayne Rooney pictured next to scantly clad woman” rumours, the top picture isn’t of the official New York Giants logo, but that of the ‘New York Giants girl’:

New York Giants Girl Featuring in Football News

So, is there an issue? Should Yahoo! be serving up localised search results for the audience in question? Or should we just pack “soccer” in and get some shoulder pads on?