What is Twitter Vine and how to use Twitter Vine?

Twitter Vine is a new mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos. Twitter Vine was introduced on January 24th and is designed to encourage Twitter members to share clips recorded on their smartphones. Whereas previously we had 140 characters to describe how we were feeling, now we have a short video where Vine gives Twitter an entirely different platform to share ideas and thoughts.



How long are Twitter Vine videos?

Six seconds. It works in a similar way to the 140 character ethos you get on a post in twitter, in only having a maximum of 6 seconds per video. But what’s best about the video offering is that you are able to take stop-motion videos, thus condensing more imagery into one video.

How do I get Twitter Vine?

If you have an iPhone, you just need to go to the Apple App store and download the free app. Currently the Twitter Vine app is only available for Apple iOS devices, such as the iPhone, but it won’t be too long before available on other operating systems, such as Android, Windows and Blackberry. We’ll update this post when Twitter Vine is available on Blackberry handsets.

How do you use Twitter Vine?

Twitter Vine is extremely easy to use. You can make a full 6 second video or a cleverer stop-motion video (think Wallace and Gromit animation). It is as simple as touching the screen to start recording, and when you remove your finger from the screen, it stops.

So to do multiple, stop-motion images, you simply tap the screen, move the object, then tap the screen again. Once you’ve finished recording the video

Simple steps on How to Use Twitter Vine:

  • Download Twitter Vine App from the IOS App Store
  • Log-in to Twitter Vine with your Twitter account
  • Touch the video camera icon in the top right of the screen
  • You will now be able to make a video. To do so touch the screen for as long as you want to record. (Finger on the screen is recording, finger off is not recording).
  • Once the video finishes you are given the option to write a caption next to the video – this is advised
  • You are also given the option to share the video on Vine, Twitter and Facebook.
  • The video is also saved to your phone’s photo library.

It’s as easy as that.

Here is Sam Cope‘s daughter’s first video – Say hello to Rabbity…

This one show’s us that you don’t have to use stop motion in all your videos. Here’s Sam’s other daughter Tabitha having breakie..

Will Twitter Vine be successful?

We believe that Vine will become a major part of the way we will Tweet in the future. Maybe we won’t all be doing creative stop motion videos, but we will be sharing our 6 second videos all the time. This really is a great fun innovative service.

The launch hasn’t been completely successful as yet. There has already been controversy regarding the app, after some users have complained about a “microporn” video that appeared on its “Editor’s Pick”, which features on the homepage. The video, which was covered only by a warning notice, has now been taking down. A company statement said,

“A human error resulted in a video with adult content becoming one of the videos in Editor’s Picks, and upon realizing this mistake we removed the video immediately.”

Twitter Vine on Facebook?

The porno video is not the only problem that Twitter has had to face. The continued rivalry between themselves and Facebook has meant that Vine can not have its own application on its rival’s site. Facebook did not mention Twitter’s Vine specifically, but a spokesman had this to say,

“For a much smaller number of apps that are using Facebook to either replicate our functionality or bootstrap their growth in a way that creates little value for people on Facebook, such as not providing users an easy way to share back to Facebook, we’ve had policies against this that we are further clarifying today”

These teething problems for Vine doesn’t necessarily mean it will fail, in fact 99% of apps have bugs when they are first introduced. I think after the success of Twitter and other sharing apps like Instagram, I have a feeling it will be a big success.

Is Vine Right For You?

As mentioned Vine is great fun. Making the stop-motion videos is easy and kids (of all ages) love it. Already Vine users are putting their creative hats on and making some pretty cool videos. Vine is in it’s early stages, the best thing you can do is download the app and see if it works for you. It’s highly unlikely after the first few weeks of an app that all of its kinks will be ironed out.

Should your company use Vine?

It’s a great opportunity to show off products you have for free and in video format. It does depend on your business, but you have the opportunity to show how your product works and how your customers can get the best out of them. On top of that it is a excellent chance to show customers that you’re has a fun side.

Here are some brands having fun on Twitter Vine

McDonalds Creative Use of Twitter Vine

Marks and Spencers creative use of Twitter Vine – Percy Pig

There are brands that are already using Twitter Vine as part of their social media campaigns to attract and convert new customers. Twitter Vine allows consumers and brands alike to exercise their creativity and make something unique, sharable, and tangible. This could be an excellent opportunity to do this in a different way.

What other apps can you use with Vine?

Even though it’s in the early stages, there are already apps becoming available

— VineGifR is a Mac app that turns a Vine URL into an animated GIF file.
— Just Vined is a page that lets you see the last 20 videos posted on Vine