What happens when you don’t implement a 301 redirect!

301-redirectFollowing on from our blog on what is a 301 redirect and how it is different to a 302 redirect – i’ve noticed that a very popular website within Google has quite literally….disappeared from the SERPs!

Again naming no names, the chart below highlights this dramatic fall from grace for a number of keywords – without a replacement URL. As, highlighted in the previous blog entry – placing a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new URL is vital as it passes over all the page value and backlinks to the new URL – permanently.


The new website is up and running and does not yet feature anywhere within Google, Yahoo! or Live. This results in traffic being deployed more evenly to the remaining URLs on page one. The benefits of a 301 redirect are endless!

301 to a 302

A website that performs well for a keyword term that has a 301 redirect pointing to it is extremely important for good positioning – providing that the first website has good page value. One mistake that some people make is downgrading a 301 redirect to a 302 redirect. It is recommended that if website A needs to redirect to website B on a permanent basis – a 301 redirect is used and is not changed. This issue is highlighted in the chart below:
When a 301 redirect is modified to a 302 redirect

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