UK Search up 18% year on year, Google UK share down

Searches in UK search engines are up, and up a lot. After a record December 2012, the first month of 2013 continued in the same vain, seeing a massive 18% increase in searches on the major UK search engines compared to January 2012 reports Hitwise.

That rise equates to 2.7billion searches with an increase of 400million searches made by people in the UK on search engines such as the dominant Google plus others such as Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

Google UK search stats

There was a slight drop from December 2012 of 0.2%, which is obviously expected as the Christmas period typically out performs any other month in the year.

This increase in searches year on year in the UK search engines, could be attributed to the impact of smartphone usage across the industry. This could also be the reason why Google’s share of the market, which is still dominant and accounts for 88% of all searches made in the UK, dropped 3.18% this year.

Microsoft’s search sites had a slight recovery of 1.41% to 5.19%. Yahoo and Ask also enjoyed an increase in their share with rises of around 1% and 0.68% respectively.

Google pays for new search audiences

Google, ever aware of its market share across the globe made a strong-arm move on the smartphone market recently by offering a deal worth $1bn to Apple. For this amount, google will become default internet search engine on all IOS devices in 2014. This will include the iPhone ad iPad.

This acquisition of audience on Apple devices is coupled with a further $2.5bn the search engines spends to be the default search engine on other third party software. Google also pays Mozilla, with its Firefox browser, $400m a year.

It has been estimated by Morgan Stanley that Google will play close to $6.8bn a year for traffic acquisitions such as this. Current reported Google revenue is around $50bn a year.