Top 10 India Facebook Pages

India is the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people and a burgeoning online community. It’s the also the world’s tenth largest economy, so we wanted to see how Indian Brands and India customer focussed Facebook pages penetrated the world’s largest social network. As you will see from the chart below a fair proportion of the pages are American Brands, with an Indian stance. Also it seems the Indian public enjoy supporting telecom providers as well as the more obvious Cricket teams on Facebook.

Top 10 Indian Facebook Pages

Category percentage change 2015 - 2018

Category % change
Fast fashion -2%
Department Store -15%
Amazon -6%
Clothing brand/retailer -14%
Sports/Outdoor wear 13%
Designer 29%
Footwear -1%
Lingerie -7%
Childrens 17%

About The India Facebook Pages

1. MTV india – As we all know, MTV is one of the biggest music channels in the world – it is no different in India. MTV India follows the same tendency with huge Bollywood audience as well as Facebook followers with a staggering 2,698,450 at the moment.

2. Facebook India – The central Facebook page on…. Facebook, is the second largest page. So the Indian cousin was bound to appear in our chart too. There are 2,564,030 followers who follow Facebook India, on Facebook in India (?).

3. Tata docomo – was the first private telecom operator to launch its 3G services in India it’s also a high-speed Internet provider. The Indian public seem to like it too, an Internet Service provider and telecom operator being the 3rd biggest Facebook page in India means their services are impressing 2,550,810 followers.

4.Vodafone ZooZoos – are advertisement characters promoted by Vodafone most notably in the Indian Premier League Season 2. Cricket has the magic touch in India, it is worshipped and followed by seemingly everyone, so ZooZoos, with ballooned bodies and egg heads, have gained some of this love for themselves. With 2,085,422 followers it is probably a campaign that Vodafone HQ is looking at fondly all round the world, if only America and Europe liked cricket hey?

5. Mumbai Indians – is a cricket team representing Mumbai in the Indian Premier League, the team is owned by India’s biggest conglomerate, Reliance Industries, through its 100% subsidiary India Win Sports. Mumbai Indians are in the facebook top 5 ranking with 1,755,558 increasing as you read.

6. Axe Angels club – AXE is a cool, iconic, youth brand available in more than 60 countries around the world. Launched in India in 1999, the brand has the dominant share in male deodorant market in India. Axe brand communicates through advertising, the various ways it helps men attract women and has created a very strong positioning on facebook with 1,704,704 followers.

7. Fastrack – labelled as “India’s most popular and most exciting, fastest growing youth fashion accessories brand” Fastrack has expanded its portfolio to now include not only watches and sunglasses but also bags, belts, wallets and wristbands, with all this going on, they have secured the 7th place facebook ranking with 1,691,697 likes.

8. Kingfisher – is an airline group “always seeking to serve their guests and gain their trust, goodwill and loyalty.” The Kingfisher Airlines family have obviously delivered some first class flights and services as they have a massive 1,635,870 followers from India and presumably beyond.

9. NyooTV – is an online and mobile video service that offers latest hit TV shows, Movies and clips on, anytime in the U.S. and India absolutely FREE. Founded in 2009 had done very well and is in the 9th facebook place with 898,967 followers.

10. Flipkart – is an internet start up company that operates in the e-commerce domain. launched by enthusiastic professionals from it makes books (and now Music, Movies and Games) amore ccessible to individuals living in the farthermost parts of India at “competitive prices backed by prompt delivery and excellent customer service” – 811,337 followers.

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