The Sun Newspaper hacked and redirected to LulzSec

The Sun Newspaper hacked. owned by News International and Rupert Murdoch has been hacked and is now redirecting to the Twitter feed of a Lulzsec –

Lulsec claims to be: Lulz Security® (LulzSec), the world’s leaders in high-quality entertainment at your expense.The sun hacked

And at time of writing Lulsec had 297,000 followers on Twitter.

In his most recent post Lulsec states clearly that he is having fun hijacking and hacking The Sun website:
“We have Joy we have fun we have messed up Murdoch’s Sun”

Others, such as @thatguynamedtom have tweeted that they find this “Hilarious”.
With all the media saga going on for News Corp, it now looks like The Sun is being targeted by more independent groups.

The hacker group has recently attacked several high-profile websites on companies such as Sony and Nintendo. However, it did say it was disbanding, but has obviously come back for one more foray.