The Financial Crash sends Spanish and Greeks online for jobs and courses

Since the financial crash in 2008 online behaviour has changed considerably across Europe. With unemployment amongst the young at record levels in countries such as Spain its no surprise that their youth are using the Internet to find jobs and educational courses. For many citizens, this is the only option to develop their career prospects or just to find work. In Greece, 59.2% of under-25s are out of work. In Spain, youth unemployment stands at 56.5%; in Italy, it hovers around 40%.

European Youth Unemployment

european youth unemployment stats


Spanish going online to search for more education

Spain rarely comes top of lists featuring Internet usage, broadband take-up or ecommerce. However, searching for jobs and courses is something they excel in as the young unemployed look to further their education to give themselves a greater chance of employment.

European job searches


According to data from the Digital Agenda for Europe, since 2007 Spain has considerably increased searching online to obtain information about education, training and course offers. Prior to the crash just 43% of Internet Users would do such searches which was comparable to the rest of Europe.

Now, while jobs are sparse and the mantra for the young is to learn more, Spain is almost 30% points ahead of the UK whose numbers have stayed the same over the period.

Notably since 2010, almost 50% more Greek Internet users are now looking for training courses online too. Ireland has a similar rise since 2010 with a greater proportion of Internet Users searching for courses than the UK.

Perhaps what is more telling, is that Italy does not seem to increase too much over the previous two years, in fact there is a drop from 2010 to 2011 despite unemployment amongst the young at almost 40%.

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Spanish Searching for Jobs Online

So beyond looking for a training course, the European searcher now needs a job.

Below we see again Greece increasing rapidly in the last couple of years whereas Spain’s sharp increase came in 2008. The mature internet market of the UK however is still out on top.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 15.20.33

Getting more qualifications will have to stop at some point for these educated yet unemployed people. Will we see new types of online behaviour from this young, qualified and jobless generation across Europe? Perhaps a whole new industry will emerge.

About the Author:

Patricia Iborra wrote this piece for Intelligent Positioning. She has some experience in this subject matter, as she left Spain recently to work in the UK and further her language skills, which she hopes to use to become a teacher in the near future.