The Daily Show – Funniest show on TV and Online

daily-showWe pride ourselves in Britain for having a great sense of humour and producing “The world’s best” TV comedy. Well if there was a Funniest Show award, it would not go to a British show, i’d certianly give it to the Daily Show.

The Americans can make a damn fine sitcom, like Friends, Frasier and er Different Strokes. But recently we have behaved all arrogantly about the fact that they have to re-make and Americanise shows like The Office, Men Behaving Badly and Coupling, with differing success. Where has this opinion come from?

Something the Americans also do pretty well with, and always have, is the topical news satire show. Yes we’ve got Have I Got News for You, which is excellent, but it has been holding the flag on its own for some time. Danny Baker and Chris Evans have always wanted to re-create the David Letterman show for Britain, the nightly comical take on news issues followed by a chat and band-type format. But never succeeded where the Americans have several nightly versions.

Best Website of the Week – The Daily Show

But the best of them all is the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Like in the 80s and 90s in Britain we had a huge flux of left wing comedians that were queueing up to take a swipe at the tories, and if anything Margaret Thatcher gave us a rich pool of funny talent in this country. It is the same with the Daily Show. Jon Stewart was classed as George W Bush’s main oppoistion where Al Gore and John Kerry failed. It is like an hilarious version of Newsnight that picks holes in Government policy, broadcasting and anyone that makes spurious claims in public generally – especially on the other American TV Networks.

I was thinking that we needed an English version of it, but then thought what’s the point? Who could do a better job than this? The Best Website of the Week and the Best TV show currently on our sets. You can watch The Daily Show on More 4 at 8pm Tuesday to Friday.