Skyscanner dominates the SEO Flights industry

According to our own SEO travel report, digital travel sales are seeing sustained like-for-like growth, as people search and convert organically online.

With this in mind, we decided to do a bit of digging into the top performing sites for key travel terms, and we found a clear winner.


Skyscanner dominates “Flights” related SEO travel terms

Pi Datametrics Competitor Discovery shows the most commercially valuable “Flights” related terms, by volume, for Google UK.

Skyscanner is dominating the industry. The below chart shows their organic dominance for terms in positions 1-3, when compared to other top performing sites.

SEO travel: Skyscanner perform best in the travel industry: Pi Datametrics Competitor Discovery


Skyscanner is consistently top for SEO travel terms

The chart below illustrates Skyscanner’s consistent performance across the highest volume search terms – with little to no movement or fluctuation from positions 1-3.

SEO travel: Skyscanner are most visibile for key travel terms: Pi Datametrics Position Explorer Table

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Skyscanner performs best for most commercially valuable SEO travel search term

Using Pi Datametrics Organic Value Calculation, (Volume x CPC bid x Competition Value), we identified “Flights to New York” as being the most commercially valuable search term.

Again, Skyscanner dominates this space. They have obviously focussed their strategy around this key term, as is demonstrated in the number of backlinks they have accrued (see below)


SEO travel: Skyscanner have a strong backlink profile for flights to New York landing page: Pi Datametrics Backlink Explorer
SEO travel: Skyscanner have a strong backlink profile for root domain: Pi Datametrics Backlink Explorer
You can see, when compared with most of their competitors (bar British Airways) that Skyscanner has a stronger backlink profile for both their “Flights to New York” landing page and their root domain.
SEO travel: Skyscanner have the strongest backlink profile comparatively: Pi Datametrics Backlink Explorer

Skyscanner performs the best in SEO travel

“When you’re looking at individual markets (rather than just ambiguous total visibility scores, which is almost pointless), Skyscanner is possibly the best performer we have seen across any market in organic search. They own the flight sector and have near omnipresence. They’re obviously doing a fantastic job, and it’s up to the competitors to replicate their best practice and the elects behind success.” Sam Silverwood-Cope, Pi Datametrics.

Skyscanner is the Best at SEO, but is this enough to dominate the SERPs? The travel industry is hugely competitive in the PPC market, due to continuous high demands and strong ROI on a high price product. Flight providers, along with most other players in the travel industry, are prepared to pay the price for ad space in the SERPs. This is somewhat demonstrated by Skyscanner bidding on their own brand name (see below), despite dominating most of the first page organically.

Flights UK | Market Leaders

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SEO travel: Skyscanner bid on PPC brand name

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