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Your website needs more than traffic. Most websites, and the internet as a whole, are geared around driving traffic, but like any business you need to think about your brand, customer retention and conversion. Effective SEO copy will help improve your rankings while ensuring that those all-important human visitors are persuaded to convert while on your pages.

Importance of Relevancy

Content is king…only if it is unique and relevant content.

How can you expect to have top ten results for phrases that aren’t even in your website? We have looked at many websites where the owner has put in hundreds of keywords into the meta data (a good place to see what they are after) that don’t appear anywhere else in the website’s content.
It’s no accident that Wikipedia, probably the most content filled website on the net, does so well for many searches – this is for a plethora of reasons, on the whole based around quality, focussed content and website structure.

Get to the Point

Don’t bore your human readers with verbose copy.

What do you do?

A customer only needs to be told once what you product can do and what the USP is. However many websites don’t even do that, and expect the visitor to have a 6th sense in determining the product.
Avoid general irrelevant marketing speak.

“Our products are perfect for your business and help you to get the most out of your working day”
Could read:
“The Acme colour printer, fast, slim and sleek, just £99 – buy it now”.

Use descriptive keywords. What are your products? What industry are you in? What is the key, tangible benefit of your products?

Make it an interesting journey

Ask yourself, what do you want the audience to do next? It’s one thing having a website that people have visited, but if the website is just page after page of product and company information, users will get bored and not sign up or buy your product.

The customer journey is an essential aspect. Eyeballs need signposts on where to look next. Plus we all like looking at imagery rather than a page full of small writing.

Meta Data Writing

When writing Meta descriptions and titles, don’t try and squeeze in all your products and keywords in to that one little area. In the title highlight what the page is generally about, the description should describe the page or product or service in more detail. It should however not be a long list of all your products and services and an opportunity to duplicate all your keywords and different spellings of your company name.

Call To Action

The user needs to feel compelled to read your content and travel through your site wanting to find out more, then ultimately you will want them to get in touch with you by email, phone or visit a store – So tell them what to do next.

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