Ronaldo scores! No. Another own-goal for’s Twitter

During the Ireland versus Portugal match last night UEFA tweeted to its 134,000 followers that Christiano Ronaldo scored in the 50th minute to take Portugal 3-1 up. “Hoorah” shouted the Twitter followers.

UEFA false ronaldo goal

Moments later they rescinded this tweet and apologised twice for a “technical fault” to the despair of Portugal football fans no doubt.

No Goal – Sorry.

Twitter UEFA apology ronaldo goal

The error it seems came directly from their Match Centre at which has a live commentary feed and links in with Twitter. Whether that is directly a technical glitch is debatable, as surely there was human behind it somewhere.

Not the first time UEFA tweets mystery goals

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Last year, seven hours before the Manchester United versus Marseille Champions league game (15th March 2011), the UEFA twitter page streamed an almost entire mocked-up but false match with Manchester United “winning” 3-2 by the 48th minute.

This mistake was presumably made while they were testing their match centre in privacy, without realising the Twitter feed was still live and connected.

uefa-twitter-manchester fake game

For a company with so many resources and high expectations in terms of what they expect from teams, countries and player conduct, this seems to be a pretty silly mistake.

Furthermore, for a company that prides itself in fan interaction and brand control, surely it’s too little to ask for an actual human to run the Twitter account.

Or is it just a company too scared to put a foot wrong that they link all the the assets up with little regard for this human touch?