Rihanna Challenges Lady Gaga’s Social Media Crown

Lady Gaga’s phenomenal online success has piqued interest across the globe and Intelligent Positioning follow her online presence with interest, as you can see in our recent article on Gaga’s Social Media strategy. However, is it possible that her success is waning?

The last couple of days have seen a massive dent in Lady Gaga’s online media presence, both with copyright issues on her YouTube Channel and her ranking on Facebook. Does this spell trouble for the star who is often coined as the ‘Queen of Social Media’?

The last couple of days would indicate that Lady Gaga’s position as the Queen of Social Media has definitely been challenged.

Lady Gaga’s YouTube account was suspended yesterday, Thursday 14th July, and has now been restored. Lady Gaga whose YouTube Channel, ladygagaofficial, has received nigh on 150 million upload views was suspended yesterday for copyright infringement, so even internationally renowned superstars aren’t above a little bit of YouTube bureaucracy. It is thought that the infringing material was a recently uploaded clip of Gaga’s performance on Fuji TV in Japan. Will this spark copyright infringement claims from others, who now know that is possible to stop artists, literally in their tracks, on YouTube.

Is Lady Gaga’s Facebook on the demise?

Rihanna is now the most popular woman on Facebook

Is Lady Gaga’s Fame Monster having a nap? Gaga is no longer the most popular woman on Facebook. Rihanna’s very active Facebook Page now has more fans then the potentially usurped Queen of Social Media, Lady Gaga.

Gaga still maintains her top spot on Twitter with over 11.6 million followers, but as the last few days have shown us social networkers are a fickle bunch. Will this be a downward spiral or will Gaga and her Fans/ Lil Monsters fight back?