Pi Datametrics Release v1.0

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 12.28.28

With this new product release v1.0 users will be able to drill down further and faster than ever before to reveal the relationship between returning content and search engine positions.

Key features in this release enhance the Position Explorer application. Users will now be able to use new and advanced drill down functionality within the Position Explorer Chart application. The development is designed to give the user a faster and more accessible route to rich drill down positioning data for performance insight and diagnostics for their site as well as competitors.

Within this Release v1.0 are platform wide enhancements to the User Interface that will provide the user with a more standardised process for selecting elements to chart.

Additional updates see the first release of our on-page help module, Visibility Index stability upgrades and general modifications.

The update will be performed out of hours in the evening of the 10th of July 2014.