Pets at Home sees good recovery after major SEO drops in week it discusses IPO

In the week that Pets At Home made it public it was discussing an IPO and a £1.2bn floatation – the leading pet food and animal goods supplier has seen significant drops in search positions in Google UK.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 17.46.43

There has been a lot of movement in Google over last couple of weeks, with algorithm updates and other unsubstantiated movements affecting many sites. But, if like Money Supermarket experienced last year, that search positions can greatly affect stock price, then Pets At Home will be glad they are seeing good recovery already.

Last year as stated in the Financial Times, Moneysupermarket dropped for just a few insurance related terms and saw its share price go down by 15%. The Financial Times stated that Moneysupermarket was hit by a change to a Google Algorithm, but that seems a bit simplistic.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 17.51.02


Pet Insurance Drops

Our SEO platform Pi Datametrics show major falls in the Pet Insurance sector starting on 30th and 31st January in Google UK.

Pets At Home were languishing on page one for a variety of animal insurance terms, most importantly “Pet Insurance” at position 3 on Google UK (which Google states accrues around 165K searches a month). But then the site suffered cliff like drops out of Google UK’s serps. (See image)

pets at home insurance drops

Pet food and Supply drops

Some of those Pet insurance searches have returned to almost their original positions, however on 4th and 5th of February another aspect of the site was hit by another issue.

Pets at Home pet food drops

Pets at Home pet food drops


Pets at Home, which featured on page one for multiple pet food search terms suffered drops across the board.

Recovery and Good News for Pets at Home

It looks like there has been good recovery in several areas. Here are some of Pets at Home strong recoveries. For some search terms, Pets at Home are actually better placed (for cat healthcare and beef dog chew) than prior to the drop.

Pets at home recovery SEO

It’s good to see that Pets at Home recovered their positions. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Pet store and wish it luck in its IPO.