Our Clients Have Some Fantastic Success Stories

SEO Tools and software

Our clients love using our SEO platform almost as much as the results they get from them.

How does it work?

We deliver monthly natural search recommendations to our clients, which are supported by our unique SEO tracking tools and software. We have a proven track record of delivering the results our clients are after through better, more effective SEO and social interaction.

That’s why brands such as Marks and Spencer, L’Oreal, AXA, Alitalia, Eurobet and Siemens work with us and use our technology.

Whether you’re after an increase in traffic, ROI, lower acquisition costs or any other KPI, we have experience in achieving the results and helping your website work to its optimum in delivering more sales, greater brand awareness and more page impressions across hundreds of competitive keywords. Ultimately we want our clients to profit from greater site optimisation.

SEO Software and recommendations delivering success

Here’s just some of the headline results we have achieved for clients over the last few years.

  • We gave Blinkbox (before they were acquired for millions by Tesco) an unfathomable 6,000% ROI
  • In the preceding years, Blinkbox gained triple figure % traffic increases, year after year after year
  • 70% increase in UK traffic, 40% increase in Italian traffic for Alitalia
  • Alitalia have also achieved page one positions across multiple major purchase keyword terms
  • BSkyB enjoyed 272% traffic increase on their product websites from our SEO recommendations
  • 400% growth in SEO traffic overall to Sky sites
  • For 36 months, on the trot, Sky enjoyed traffic growth
  • Plus Sky achieved a substantial ROI on all their sites (25 in total) with a 5p average CPC for SEO traffic

Our SEO Tools showing success

Here are some of our results showing huge climbs in Natural Search positions for multiple keywords over several large corporations. To gain these results our Search Engineers offered daily or weekly recommendations to the clients, who implemented them to their sites. This rise in positions in Google gave the clients increased traffic and revenue.

Blinkbox SEO – owning the Online Movie sector

Blinkbox SEO

The Sun Newspaper – Football Club Success

Within a week of offering recommendations to The Sun, their site appeared for multiple premier league football team news searches, offering them a substantial increase in traffic.

The Sun SEO football

Alitalia owning the “Flights to…” market for Italian Airports

After given onsite recommendations to the Alitalia UK site, the Italian airline’s presence in Google climbed significantly. Here are just some of the position increases in Google UK:

Alitalia Airline SEO

We’ve got lots and lots of new stories every day highlighting our results and big rises in search engine positions, if you would like to know more we’d love to talk more about them.