Online poker flush with Robots

We all know there are fakes out there on the Internet, but did you ever think that a Robot could be playing you and beating you at online Poker?
In an excellent article in the Guardian today, they reveal that many Robots (think more artificial intelligence programmes than Metal Mickey) have been programmed to play the small hand tables of the poker rooms and beat the human punters. The Robots, the programmer suggests can earn around £40K a year, not bad. However the programming and attention to the Bot’s needs is a apparently a very boring job. And that, it is suggested is the human’s saving grace. If it was easier we’d be seeing (or at least playing) many more.

I’ll let you read the article which is here

But it makes me think what else Robots will be doing for their human programmers in the not too distant future. Now we’ve all seen Terminator, and i am not suggesting an Arnie type Robot is going to be formed any time soon, but where there is money to be made, surely there is a robot ready to take that cash.

We already have programmes to ‘win’ on ebay. There are programmes to attempt to beat the stock exchange, there are already programmes beating the punters on gambling websites and there are obviously 1000s of fake women on ‘dating’ sites pretending all sorts of things – so what next? And is it acceptable?