Online grocery shopping statistics show Mcommerce growth over 2013


As Intelligent Positioning’s previous mobile traffic statistics have revealed, mobile traffic to websites within all sectors is increasing exponentially, whilst desktop traffic is declining. We found that over the course of 2013 mobile traffic increased from a 22.8% share to a 37% share of web visits on the sites polled. From our research we were able to predict mobile traffic will overtake desktop traffic by June 2013 if the current growth rate continues.

Mobile traffic share in retail sector sites grew 4.39% between November and December

Chart 1: Desktop and mobile traffic to retail sector websites November 2013 – January 2014.

Retail sector desktop mobile

One of the most prominent areas for mobile traffic growth is for sites in the retail sector. This chart represents the desktop and mobile traffic share to three of our top retail sites in Google Analytics. This chart shows a 4.39% growth in mobile traffic share between November and December. This growth is perhaps especially significant as this is a key time for online shopping; increased mobile traffic to retail sites is likely to be from those either browsing or purchasing gifts over the Christmas period. Mobile traffic share was maintained between December and January, with a slight increase of 0.2%.

Comparatively, our research focusing on a diverse range sectors only showed a 3.3% increase in mobile traffic between November and December.

Online Grocery Shopping is growing in the UK

Chart 2: Top performing supermarkets in the UK for the search term “online grocery shopping”

insight grocery shopping

It is estimated that as much as 15% of all grocery shopping was booked online, over the 2013 Christmas period, compared to just over 5% for the comparative period in 2012. This PI Datametrics chart shows the current search position for the top performing online grocery shopping sites in the UK. Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose all perform on Google UK SERP page 1 for the search term “online grocery shopping”, whereas Marks and Spencer and Morrisons lag behind for this term.

Statistics show grocery shopping is a key Mcommerce area

Chart 3: Smartphone,tablet and laptop uses during grocery shopping.


how consumers use mobile devices

Research from Jiwire in November 2013 showed grocery shopping to be a key area where Mcommerce mixes with offline shopping. An average of two thirds of consumer use mobile devices in some aspect of their grocery shopping in a physical shop, whether it was searching for ingredients or compiling shopping lists.Their research found 87% of US consumers use a tablet or mobile to prepare their shopping lists, additionally 83% prefer using mobile devices over laptops for help whilst in store.

It would be interesting to see similar research for UK consumers, showing whether there is a similar penetration of Mcommerce sites whilst grocery shopping in a physical store. Tesco has released some statistics regarding their Mcommerce performance, stating a third of their online grocery orders were made using a mobile device in the run up to Christmas 2013.