New IP Natural Search Platform – Coming Soon

SEO dashboard

The all improved, self-serving, Intelligent Positioning Natural Search Dashboard – coming soon.

With Google Search up 12% year on year in the UK and 93% of businesses stating they need to increase their spend on SEO, we know that businesses need a fully functioning, no-holds barred Natural Search visibility solution. Not just a solution offering a few keywords in one search engine that is updated just once a week, but a real-time visibility index of global performance.

It is clear to us (investors, and analysts such as Forrester) that enterprises today have the internal resources and relative expertise in SEO and natural search but not the technology to partner that personnel.

Forrester and other analysts have stated that SEO programmes, for the top ten percent digital spenders are becoming too large to manage manually – which conveniently, is where we come in.

Technology based on real human experiences

Our soon to be released natural search dashboard and SEO platform will offer marketers unique visibility of their online assets and the performance of their competitors globally. The tools and features will apply data and analytics to marketing decisions and strategy and enable editors, web masters and planners to make SEO data driven decisions.

The tools, which have been specially created through years of corporate SEO expertise, are designed for businesses who have detailed natural search goals. With additional content optimisation software and diagnostics internal corporate personnel from editors, webmasters, group heads and online directors will be able to gain specific benefits and understand how their online assets can gain more visibility and generate increased traffic.

We’ll say more closer to the launch but in the meantime, watch this space – we’re excited by the way.

If you would like a demo of our new SEO Platform and a little glimpse of what it can do for your business give Sam a call at the main IP number.