London 2012 – The Social Media Olympics: Infographic

Paul Kelso of The Telegraph said that: “Twitter is going to be the de facto news delivery service for the 2012 Games.”

London 2012 will be the social media Olympics. Obviously we are 4 years on from Beijing with 4 years of advancement, but this time there will be official integration of social media assets with the Olympics. Plus athletes and competitors will be online, tweeting their experiences (where they are allowed to of course) and part of an Olympics online hub which showcases all the athletes and promotes their Twitter and Facebook pages.

This will enable audiences to have real-time text chats with competitors. Get insight into the preparations before the games as well as any Olympic village party after the London Olympics.

Twitter will be the perfect supplementary media to watching the games on TV. For Europeans who will be at work during many of the events Twitter will be deluged on a daily basis with Olympic related trending topics, especially as some of the big stars enjoy over 10million followers.

TV audiences too are obviously expected to increase above and beyond Beijing which enjoyed 4.3 Billion viewers in 2008, with 2 billion watching the opening ceremony alone. (source Nielsen)

Evolution of Olympic coverage:

Print and Radio to Facebook and Twitter via The Wall

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