Last night Social Media saved a DJs Life, Brighton Clubnight’s launch goes viral

How many nightclubs and club nights does Brighton have? Lots. How many tie-in Club night online-TV-series does Brighton have? Maybe just one:


After one too many bad experiences with Brighton club-promoters Howard Kaye and Jamie O’Mara came up with the idea of “This Is Brighton” idea, a mockumentary to Brighton’s Nightlife scene.

Most promoters in Brighton are sleazy and arrogant, and the series was founded to exploit these promoters to people that would have no clue. The series focuses on the well known company ‘Air Promotions’ in the run up to the launch of their club-night ‘OMG LOL’. The team behind This is Brighton have created the series to appear like The Office, or Curb, and in true mockumentary style comes across comical. There are 6 characters that represent the promoter, DJ, Photographer, and the promo girls.


This is Brighton – Episode 1

Episode one was released at the end of February 2013, with another episode uploaded every week until the launch of the club night on 19th March. The people behind the series only thought it would be popular with friends. The targets for the videos that were being uploaded to YouTube were only around 5000 per video. It was hoped that with this amount of views that the series would be a success and hopefully become Viral in Brighton. The YouTube Channel has seen a vast amount of views and traffic since the series begun with the first video currently around 30,000 views. The video spread virally on Facebook through links and sponsored posting from the ‘This Is Brighton’ Fanpage. This is Brighton has their own Fanpage, Twitter, and YouTube channel to interact with their viewers and drive traffic to the videos on YouTube. DJ Flame who is the Resident DJ on the show also has his own Twitter, which proves an added dimension of interaction to the viewers.

This is Brighton – Solomon Explains OMG LOL Launch

Jamie O’Mara Shot, Produced, and starred in the webisodes as Solomon, a pervy photographer from Bradford. In the video above he is updating the viewers with the details on the tie-in club night. He references the Facebook event and the giveaways on the night all intended to increase traffic to the facebook Fanpage and event.

Argus Article about This is Brighton

To great delight, ‘This is Brighton’ has also been approached by magazines and a newspaper for interviews about the idea behind the show and the club night. The Argus Article above, which was included in the newspaper, is a positive account of what the show is trying to achieve and includes a brief interview with the shows producers. Spindle Magazine have also published a write up on the YouTube series.

The series is proving to be a success on YouTube and garner a lot of virality on social media with everyone wanting to add their comment on whether it’s real or fake. This could be the start for a new reality TV show straight from the sunny shores of Brighton.

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