Is today going to be Mega Mega Monday?

The credit crunch doesn’t seem to be effecting online sales as much as the High street, with recent reports of record sales over the internet. The second Monday of December has been dubbed Mega Monday for being the biggest online shopping day of the year.

The latest Mega Monday (8th December) did not disappoint. Last week’s sales showed a rise of 14 percent on the same day last year, taking the day’s earnings to £320 million the IMRG stated. That’s a £20 million rise, with total products bought, up 18%.

On Monday more than £1 million was spent in a minute, according to Retail Decisions, a payment processing firm. Spending online peaked at 1.00pm on this ‘Mega Monday’ as online sales are expected to hit £13 billion this Christmas – a 15% increase on last year.

The second Monday has been highlighted as a successful day because it is one of the last shopping days before Christmas for online shoppers due to delivery times and being sure the presents will arrive. Furthermore to many shoppers, the Monday, at their PCs is probably the perfect remedy for the previous weekend spent at the shop tills of our busy high streets and shopping centres.

But the IMRG said that with delivery times improving, there was still time for a stronger performance.

“We may even see next Monday being bigger still, which would be the first time ever that the third Monday in December marked the year’s peak,” it said.

So today could be Mega-Mega Monday? Let’s wait and see for the results and find out whether online shopping is in rude health.

Either way we are given reconfirmation that online sales are holding their own in the face of high street malaise. And it reiterates the fact that if you’re easily found online for your key products, through intelligent SEO business could be a lot easier.