How often does Google change its SERPS – search results?

google-logoSomeone wrote in a business blog I read earlier “Has Google changed its SERP results, I’m no longer number one, has anyone else noticed a change?” Which made me laugh. Then it made me think, how often does Google change its SERPS?

The answer is quite simple, it’s got to be millions of times a day. Hasn’t it?

There was a time when Google would visit even the biggest sites once a week, once a month or only 6 times a year. Now Google visits certain sites such as, and every 15 mins.

Test Google Crawl speed

Try it now. Take a very recent headline from the Guardian news page, then search for it. If it doesn’t appear, wait five minutes, then search again. Bingo – it’ll be in the top 5 searches (depending on how many words you used).

Now copy a handful of words from the article and paste them into google search. Again the result will be the new page.

Millions of Keywords and amendments

Think about how many keywords have therefore changed in the last five minutes and how this has therefore effected 1000s of SERPS results with ten of thousands of derivatives of keywords and permutations on the results. (Read the first blog post and I will be back to tell you how quickly the article was crawled.)

SERPS are therefore changing all the time. As one result goes to the top of the Google SERPS, others are slipping down. And as the new article gets less credit or another usurps it, then that too will slip down, thus changing the SERPS again.

This IP-SEO URL tracker tool shows just that.

Buy toys online

Buy toys online

This is a chart for “Buy Toys Online” on google, over the Christmas period and beyond – a big search at a busy time. The SERPS are changing every day throughout the top 100 results.

This Chart (one of our SEO tools) also only takes a snap-shot of a daily search, not one done every 15 mins or half an hour.

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