How Much Traffic does Google+ (plus) Get?

How much traffic does Google+ get has been closely scrutinised since its private launch in June 2011 and launch to the mainstream at the end of september 2011.

Hitwise has reported in a Tweet that Google+ gained 49m US users in traffic last month (December 2011) which equates to a 55% increase from traffic to the social network site in November where it achieved 30m which was up 20% on the previous month of October 2011.

Hitwise also linked to this pretty grainy chart in their Twitter post, showing the rise in Google+ traffic since its launch.

how much traffic does google plus get




Should Google be Happy with these traffic figures?

We’d imagine Google will be pretty pleased with these figures. 49 million US visitors would, since the naysayers (such as us) turned their noses up at the site on launch. Yes Facebook gets this traffic before breakfast on any given morning, but Google+ is a spring chicken compared to Facebook. Plus if you regard Google+ as a bookmarking site of sorts, then 50million is more than Digg was getting in its prime.

However, this isn’t just some start-up launching a new site. This is Google. There is Google+ icon on every Chrome browser and search result in their search engines. The site was launched with massive fanfare with great expense. Webmasters everywhere have been led to believe that their sites need to have a Google+ icon if it is to succeed in SEO. 50million visitors by month 6, may in fact therefore be far less than Google had hoped.

But we will wait and see if there is a decline in how much traffic Google+ gets in the coming months when the honeymoon period wears off.