Gold! Most expensive iPad in the World

Fancy a gold iPad? Or even a T-rex Gold iPad? The world’s most expensive iPad (and technology product full stop) could be yours for the price of a 4 bedroomed Mayfair luxury flat.

Unless it’s some cruel PR stunt that is getting Apple geeks everywhere excited then the iPad in question is customised with gold, diamonds and shavings of Tyrannosaurus rex bone and is believed to be the world’s most expensive gadget.

Grown men in the Intelligent Positioning office have salivated just at the thought of this device which is reportedly created by British luxury goods specialist Stuart Hughes. They are the same team who stated recently that they had been commissioned to create a gold super yacht by a “Malaysian Businessman”.

Despite the hefty price tag, the world’s most expensive technological device and gold iPad still can’t play flash or has a USB port.

expensive ipad gold t-rex

Personally i’m not convinced. It reminds me a bit of the recent giant slipper that was sent to a man who had a size 14 shoe, but the manufacturers made a size 1400 shoe instead.

What is the most expensive technology device?

The reports state that the gold iPad 2 is encrusted with 12.5-carat diamonds and has 53 separate gems forming the iconic Apple logo. The back section has been formed in 24-carat gold and weighs two kg.

But the most expensive part is actually the main front frame which is made from – Ammolite a rare and valuable opal-like organic gemstone found primarily along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains of North America.

And if that wasn’t enough for this ostentatious design there is an additional ridiculousness of a T-rex thigh bone dating back 65 million years has been shaved into the stone. The final touch is a single-cut 8.5-carat flawless diamond inlaid in platinum surrounded by 12 satellite gems.

One of the T-rex iPad devices is already said to have been sold to an “anonymous buyer”. I can’t wait to see one on the train.