Garden retail: sowing the seeds in February

It’s February. The month we always forget will be bloody freezing. We’ve spent January dreaming of winter’s demise, but to our great surprise….it’s gotten even worse.

However, our optimism for warmer weather seems to persist into February with even more vigour; to illustrate this, let’s look at our interest in ‘Garden’ related terms over the year.

Just wanna get in that garden

Market intelligence data shows search volume across the last three years for garden terms.

Gardening blog template

All the categories here begin their crescendo into the heady days of the summer months in February.

Most notably, ‘Garden furniture’ and ‘Garden tools and equipment’ terms see a rise in Feb – while we’re planning our perfect garden in advance and getting ready to execute our dream. This initial rise leaps ahead even more when March and April come around.

Start planting now

The seeds of garden products are being sown now – it stands to reason that retailers offering garden products should start optimising for these categories now to potentially win all those soon to be garden dwellers as they do their research.

In fact, this is a perfect example of where to employ a PIPR strategy:

PLAN (Oct – Jan)
Plan your strategy around the top 10 most valuable gardening product keywords during this time of low search interest.

Use promotional tools and build your pool of customer data around this time, to take advantage of uplift in consumer research and engagement:

  • Email marketing
  • Building your cookie pool

PEAK (May – Jun)
When search demand is high, ensure you have an optimised landing page and consider partnering with publications to push reach a wider audience.

Review your strategy and repeat next year, maintaining a year round landing page.


If you want to see more insights like this, download our Homeware report. Alternatively, get in touch for more specific data.

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