1 easy step to perfect, quality link building

Many SEO companies are obsessed with link gathering and live by the strategy that building page rank (sometimes not just for themselves) is the only way to get quality SERPS results. Many “SEO” companies’ look to acquire multitude of links in directories and forgeign listings. IP-SEO have a different strategy.

Links are very important, but they are by no means the only answer. You could have all the links in the world and still not appear high in the SERPS. What a site needs is quality links rather than a mass quantity of them. Either way they are very difficult to acquire these quality links. IP-SEO, however has the perfect solution for getting quality links to your site.

Quality Link Building Strategy

The BBC have it, so do Facebook, The Guardian, Adobe, Apple, Wikipedia and so on.

So what is it? The answer: Make a quality site, with content that people want to link to. Easy.

But you don’t have to have a behemoth site with millions of unique users to have decent content – anyone can have interesting unique content, with a little bit of creativity. Writing an intresting blog or offering information that can’t be found anywhere else is ideal. There are multiude of ways to get that interesting information out there too, which we will be writing about soon.

IP-SEO is a great believer in the organic growth of the internet, this includes the building of links. Some websites do indeed need a bit of encouragement to get better links, but like a new shop starting up on the high street, it will get recomendations and support by offering quality products. But generally you will perform well in the SERPS, have a low bounce rate and get many links, if you have a well structured good quality site with content that people want to read and see more of. In turn you should link back to sites that you think offer good content and advice.

This point is expanded upon in this article – from a very good SEO Blog . Also take a look at the SEO and listings companies desperate to give themselves a link in the comments section, despite saying “yes i agree great article”. The irony.

Links are important, but only the right links. We can tell you what are the right links and what are not. One good rule of thumb is, if a company says they will get you 1,000s of links for a couple of hundred pounds, we would suggest they were not great links.

Author Sam