Does a Brand Creative idea help SEO?

compare the meerkat

It is an interesting debate. It started when one of the rules of good brand building (to build ownership of language by creating a unique way for brands to describe products, services and solutions) came in to direct conflict with the SEO principle that the opportunity lies within the searchers language.

This is great for the existing established brand and is a good measure of brand equity. For example vastly more people search “eBay” than “online auction” and more people search “Skype” than “VoIP”. But for brands that are emerging and even for the development of new brand concepts the thought of building a brand “through the line” and not putting a target’s search language at the core is missing a huge opportunity.

However, in the traditions of good advertising if you spend enough on media and that your idea sparks imagination and engagement with your customers, then the market will adopt your language and this will lead to strong SEO benefits.

There are undoubtedly many good examples, but here is one.

Brands in The Insurance Market

In the insurance market comparison sites can offer brands good referring traffic but at the same time they compete in search engines for the acquisition of the searcher and positions.
home insurance

Chart 1 – Here we can see a range of comparison sites, brand sites and product sites positions in Google over a 4 month period on the search term “Home Insurance” in 2009. There are some good performers but on the whole the category is very volatile and competitive. We see Halifax drop from a page one position to page 5 in just one day, a massive drop, and we see Aviva emerge successfully to take over where Norwich Union left off (good redirecting work).

house insurance
Chart 2 – Here we see an interesting tussle between and over a 9 month period with both site getting to page one.

So while the dog fights continued with each site competing for position on the core category terms is working on a creative idea that has nothing to do with Insurance language. “Compare the Meerkat”.
seo insights chart
Chart 2 – This Google Insights chart illustrates how during the “compare the Meerkat” advertising campaign search popularity on the term “compare the meerkat” was equal to that of “home insurance”.

While the market is competing for the share of 10 page-one positions on “home insurance”. enjoy 100% real estate on page one for an equally competitive term.

In this case the old brand principles have resulted in a definable, unique and all encompassing SEO performance. – Simples.