Digg buries its competitors as most popular Social Bookmark Site

The biggest Social Bookmarking site is still Digg, by all accounts. As you will see from the Graph below, it is conquering all and leaving them in its wake with an impressive 17.4 million monthly users.

The figures below are from Comscore, and as Business Insider reports:

We don’t have Digg’s unique visitors from this time last year, because comScore changed the way it measures the site’s traffic this past July. Still, a comScore rep says, “Digg is definitely growing strongly.”

Why the surge? A Digg rep cites “recent implementations like integration with Facebook Connect, DiggBar launch, Digg Dialoggs and the continued flow of great content submissions from the community.”

My personal favourite is Stumbleupon – it’s just nice to use and much easier to find something you like. But Digg has been around a but longer and it very much looks like it is here to stay. However we may have thought the same about Propeller which has seemed to have bombed this month from figures of last month.

Digg buries competitors

Digg buries competitors

Chart from Business Insider