Why it’s imperative to have daily rank tracking over weekly

At Pi we track every URL (not just domains) for the top 100 results in any search engine for any given search term in our database – every single day.

What’s more we store all that data so you can retrospectively check to see who was in a particular position on any given day, or where a new competitor has just sprung from – even if you hadn’t originally specified them as one of your designated competitors.

As we know Google results change all the time, abruptly and with no warning. Competitors can come from nowhere and your site can drop out of the conversion zone instantly.

If you’re tracking weekly, a URL in theory could be out of this conversion zone for six days without you knowing about it. If this happened across all search terms this would have a major impact on business performance.

Chart: Position explorer chart, Weekly V Daily tracking, Site: Currys, Google UK

Weekly v Tracking

The chart above shows that a lot can happen within 7 days, major drops, penalties or cannibalisation can occur. If you only had weekly tracking the site manager would just see the orange line and think all is well. When really traffic and therefore sales are being lost.

It’s imperative that anyone who needs clear identification of their site’s performance, therefore needs in-depth daily tracking.

So if you don’t already receive daily tracking as standard, ask yourself what are you missing?

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