COTW: Daily Mail World Cup landing page – strong strategy not supported by execution

This week’s Chart of The Week from Pi Datametrics shows how a landing page can be usurped by different product pages.

The below Position Explorer Chart shows The Daily Mail’s performance in Google UK for the search term “World Cup” – a term that will probably be the most searched of 2014 in the UK and perhaps the world this year. The newspaper has set up a landing page for the specific term World Cup, however that page is usurped each time a new World Cup article is published.

The Pi Datametrics chart below shows in yellow the Daily Mail world cup landing page. In pink is the performance of every other football article that positions for this term.

Chart of the Week: Daily Mail World Cup Landing page performance

  • Chart Type: Position Explorer Chart
  • Search Engine: Google UK
  • Project: News and Media Search Term Groups

Daily Mail world cup landing page

The strategy from the Daily Mail is therefore correct, however the execution is not. The Daily Mail (like The Guardian and The Telegraph) should be linking back to this landing page in every new world cup article thus making it the strongest page possible within its tournament offering.