Children Spending More Time On Mobile Devices

Back in July a fourteen month old toddler managed to bid on an vintage car on the Ebay app using her Dad’s smartphone. This ended up giving him a shock when he received an email alerting him of his winning bid of $225. Luckily her parents decided to keep the 1962 Austin Healey Sprite to restore to its former glory hopefully in time to be a gift for their daughter’s sixteenth birthday. According to a survey by non-profit Common Sense Media incidents such as this could be occurring far more frequently as kids are increasingly likely to be using mobile devices as opposed to use of stationary screens.


Sorella Stoute with her purchase

The survey asked US parents with children under eight to estimate their children’s time-consuming different media. The results show that although TV and DVD’s are still the most time consuming of all the activities use of mobile devices has tripled.

More and more children are owning tablets.

The research further shows the decrease of TV and DVD consumption could be due to parent’s ownership patterns, 40% of households own a tablet or similar device as opposed to just 8% in 2011. Increased tablet ownership could be causing more families downloading movies and TV programs rather than utilising DVDs and live TV. The ownership of tablets by children themselves has also increased dramatically; in 2011 only 8% of parents owned a tablet yet in 2013 7% of children own one.


Stats from Common Sense Media

Game playing is a primary usage

The way children are using their Ipads varies, 22% of respondents said their child used their tablet to play educational games often whilst 19% said their children played games just for fun often. Tablet usage can cross different media, for example 11% of children used apps based on a character they knew from a TV show.


Stats from Common Sense Media