Bono’s stake in Facebook gives him $800m profit

“Does Bono own Facebook?” was the first question i asked myself after reading about the latest valuation of the Social Network. Well he does partly.

His investment firm, Elevation Partners paid $210m into the social network company in November 2009. And now with another investor selling its shares in the business we can get an understanding of what the rest of the behemoth Social Networking site is worth.

Advertising Group Interpublic (IPG) has sold half its stake of Facebook for $133m after an “attractive opportunity” arose, said their CEO.

Anyway to save you doing the maths, Facebook is now worth $65bn which is a rise of 30% from January 2011 when Facebook was just worth a meagre $50bn. This puts Bono’s stake in Facebook at around $975 million.

Bono presumably doesn’t need the cash that much. Forbes recently claimed that U2 had made $195m in profits over the last two years. Oh yes, Bono seems to own Forbes Media Group too, with a 40% stake in the company that tells us how wealthy the mega rich really are. Interesting.

U2 and Bono on Facebook

So how is one of the owners of Facebook performing on his site? Well U2 has over 10 million fans on Facebook. The Fans seem to be very receptive to all posts on the wall. Those posts consist most recently of mentions and appeals for money for the Somalian and East African famine.

There seems very little personal interaction with the mega band. All photos are press shots or stadium shots.

Bono doesn’t have a Facebook page. Seeing as he is the owner it seems hard to imagine that Bono doesn’t have his own page. I mean big owner Mark Zuckerberg does (though he hasn’t updated it since January).

However Bono does have a Community page on Facebook, with 50K followers. Usually when this happens we’d talk to people we know at Facebook to get the page taken over by the rightful owner, all those fans can suddenly be captured, and for 50k fans, that’s a good day at the office. However, this may not be such an amazing feat for the mega band and former Time person of the year, who knows.
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