Bing slow at updating whilst Google enters new speed realm

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Back in May 2009 Bing’s Webmaster Spokesman told us that:

“We are busy adding upgraded and updated technologies to provide better search results. That’s good news for you!”

At the same time Google (when they weren’t messing around with their Geo-location searches) were working on their Google Real Time Search, which incorporates Twitter and blogging results.

It really is no surprise that Google’s share of the market is so much larger that Bing’s – they are simply much better.

Google Real Time Search

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This new addition is superb. Plus it seems to help with Google’s more up to date search results. As I show below.

Google’s search is simply better than Bing

Take a look at these two search results for “Cheryl Cole split”. This was a big news item last week and was being searched by 100,000s of people. A week on and people still crave the latest news.

In Google we have the latest news only a few hours old and targeted direct results for the exact topic I am looking for.

Google Real Time search results

When the event took place last week and Cheryl Cole announced her split with Ashley, the SERPs were changing every few seconds. Not only was the Twitter and blog real-time feed going crazy, but the main pages offered in the SERPs were ever changing.

Bing is not as good as Google

Bing on the other hand is completely slow and offering inappropriate content. Here is the search today, 6 days after the event and still there is irrelevant content in the top positions.

Bing Real Time search

In conclusion Bing really isn’t good enough and offers pretty awful results for a lot of searches. There is no real understanding of the searcher and thus no excitement or enthusiasm of the searcher to get more for his search.Bing is painfully slow at updating its results where as Google has entered a new area of speed searches with relevant quick results being offered a minute after they have been posted.