Bad news day for Internet Explorer

The old adage “All PR is good PR” can not possibly be the case if you are Internet Explorer this week. Yes any PR man on a normal day would give his right arm for a news splash on the BBC Homepage and countless other sites, but not today, not if you read the words.

Internet Explorer which is used by the vast majority of computer users has a security flaw which could affect all versions of it. So far the vulnerability has affected only machines running Internet Explorer 7. The flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser could allow criminals to take control of people’s computers and steal passwords and have already (it is believed) affected over 10,000 websites.

Obviously for Micosoft and IE that can not be good. For Firefox however, that is probably the best thing the Head of PR has ever heard in his entire life, bar nothing.

I even had cilents ring me up asking if I used IE. Which I don’t, we’re all MAC users, my browsers of choice are Firefox and Safari (though both have usability issues) and I only use IE for testing. But perhaps this will be the moment IE have a dent in their monopoly, which stands at about 70% of all internet users. Microsoft are preparing an emergency patch now which should be available from 1800 GMT on 17 December, Microsoft has said.

It will be intersting to see the fallout of this. Your comments are always welcome.